Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seymore Films Announces "The Book of Habbalah, Book 1" Casting Has Begun.

Maine Studios- (Biddeford, ME) 4/2/2013- Seymore Films has officially launched the casting for the full The Book of Habbalah, Book 1. Seymore Films is in final negotiations with the lead actors for the back story that ties the film together and hopes to make an announcement in the next few days.
The Book of Habbalah, Book 1 is the first of a trilogy of anthology horror films. Seymore Films has teamed with Gunn Park Entertainment( Shadow Falls) and Rodas Films (Home Sweet Home) to bring this project to life. More about the film can be seen on the Seymore Films website.

Auditions will be held exclusively through Let It Cast and can be found at this link

Available rolls are as follows:

Classic Rock Casting Call
A down on his luck classical composer finds inventive ways to dispatch of the snotty young rock band that has been infringing on his royalties and making a mockery of the music he holds dear.


Ephraim: Male, early 40’s; He is unkempt, though handsome. Looks like his best days are behind him. He used to be a legend to all musicians back in the day. He has major anger issues. Alcoholic. Killer.

Bartender: Female 30’s; carries a BIC pen in her cleavage.

Good Ole Boy: Male, 30’s; sits downing a pitcher of cheap beer and breakfasting on pretzels; makes fun of Ephraim with his friend, Buddy.

Buddy: Male, 30’s; sits downing a pitcher of cheap beer and breakfasting on pretzels; makes fun of Ephraim with his friend, Good Ole Boy.

Blaze: Male, Late 20’s; Lead Singer and Leader of the band Cult Inferno; plays the guitar.

Drummer: Male, Late 20’s; Part of the band Cult Inferno; has allergies.

Bartender: Female 30’s; carries a BIC pen in her cleavage.
2 Tents Casting Call
Four dysfunctional twenty-somethings go camping, only to find that where they are, hunting season comes early.


Ashley- Early to Mid 20’s- Female: Gossipy/perfect hair/nails done/clueless; Never gone camping in her life type; Totally into her new boyfriend, Chase; Best friends with Kat since forever.

Kat- Early to Mid 20’s- Female: Pretty but ordinary girl; Seth’s Girlfriend for way too long to not have a ring and bitter about it; Ashley’s best friend but doesn’t know why; sarcastic, doubtful, easily mad/frustrated with Seth.

Chase- Mid 20’s- Male: New boyfriend to Ashley; Wilderness Survivalist attitude; macho guy; Smart ass; Know it all; has Ashley convinced and feels good about it.

Seth- Early to Mid 20’s- Male: Athlete; Handsome but not proud of it like Chase; Boyfriend to Kat; down to earth; laid back; nice guy.

Hank- 13 to 18 year old Male: crazy-eyed boy; in ratty clothing; speaking hushed repeated phrases and sounds. Kid gone MAD. Serious psychological problems. Tormented. Creepy. Hank should be very physical and appear to be very inbred. His physical movements and speech are very odd. It is unclear if he is trying to be nice, or if he just expressing lust for the girls. We can hear what he says and even make out words, but what he says does not make any sense.

Some Direction Casting Call
A sexually frustrated dreamer finds the perfect drug to change his luck with women- but it comes at a cost.


Jason: (lead) early 20s- Lower class New Englander, street kid type. Jason is scrawny- a dork, in that he's not cool- but he's not necessarily smart. He's a misfit. Sort of an Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) type, but a little less charismatic.

Mickey Tate: (supporting) Early-mid 20's- Mickey is Jason's roommate- he's a little older and wiser than Jason, reasonably good looking, well built.

Alice: (supporting): early 20's- Alice is thin, pretty in the way that some townie girls are. She's a bit of a lost soul, addicted to bad boys and even worse cocaine. She leans on Jason as a friend, and exploits the fact that he is in love with her.

Draco/Director (supporting) 30-50. A tall, mysterious drug dealer who hides under a wide brimmed cap. A man of few words, but of great importance.

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