Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maine Studios Announces “Alone in the Dark” Cast Members!

Maine Studios (Biddeford, ME) 3/27/2013- Today Producer/Casting Director Brenna Peak announced the cast members for the roles in Alone in the Dark, one of three shorts to be filmed in Biddeford, Maine 2013.“We are excited to be shooting Alone in the Dark at the end of June in the new home of the Maine Studios, we have been very happy in Biddeford and look forward to many projects coming through here in the future,” says Peak. On the same note, Director John E. Seymore is “happy to announce that Sal Rendino has joined the cast of Alone in the Dark and will play the role of Dr. Thornton.” This is not the first time Seymore and Rendino have worked together; they collaborated on the project Tangled 8 this past summer.

The role of Cecilia will be played by Madeline O’Brien, best known for her role in Gone Baby Gone. Seymore cast the up and coming superstar knowing that she is perfect for the role. “We all adore Maddie,” says Seymore “and we believe she has the talent and voice for this role.” Seymore and O’Brien met and worked together on the set Blessid, filmed in Massachusetts last September and Seymore was so impressed with her spirit and dedication that he was certain she was the only choice for this role.

Alone In The Dark is thriller about a psychologist, Dr. Thornton, who has been called to the home of a young girl named Cecilia who is hiding in her room and refuses to come out. When Cecilia begins a dialogue with the Doctor, he quickly realizes the situation is not at all as it seems- and this precocious girl may be the one with all the answers.

Seymore Films is finalizing the last stages of pre-production for Alone in the Dark and will be ready for production in late June. “We are almost ready to go!” says Peak.

More about the film can be found on the Seymore Films website:
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