Friday, February 22, 2013

Book of Habbalah, Volume 1 finalizes slate of films.

Maine Studios (Biddeford, ME) 2/21/2013-
Seymore Films announced that it has made final decisions on the short films for The Book of Habbalah, Chapter 1. In addition to the already chosen 2 Tents, penned my Habbalah creator John E Seymore, we will see the shorts, Classic Rock and Some Direction. "Though we might adjust the titles, these are the stories that we are going to film for BOH, Volume 1", Seymore announced. After over a year of working with horror writer/directors around the country, we have finally brought the project to the next stage. We are very happy with the stories we have and feel this is going to be a great project moving forward. The two new stories are both based on original ideas by John E Seymore and Alexander Merrill, who wrote the award winning short, She Feast together. "We really wanted to work with other horror director and writers, but in the end we decided that we wanted to move this project forward", Seymore added. Merrill has penned the script for Some Direction and the short story for Classic Rock, the script for Classic Rock might be penned by former Scriptsation Best Script writer Chris Sorensen, but that is not a definite. "We just know it will be ready to film in the next couple of months", Seymore noted.
More about the plot of the stories will be released along with information about casting and shoot dates coming weeks.
Book of Habbalah, Volume 2 and 3 are also moving along with the beginning to lock down scripts. BOH, Volume 1 is expected to wrap filming by the end of 2013.

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